By Jamie Simpson

Although having kidney disease makes it more difficult to obtain life insurance, it does not make it impossible. Check with your employer for a group plan, but if this is not available, find a company that will accept you even with kidney disease. Luckily there are companies that offer guaranteed coverage with no medical questions or exams. These plans may be all that are available to you, depending on your condition.

Step 1

Determine if the company you work for offers life insurance. Group benefits are usually easier to qualify for, so this may be your best option in the beginning.

Step 2

Look into companies that offer “graded benefit life insurance.” This type of insurance does not require a medical exam; however, you may be required to disclose the fact that you have kidney disease. The downside to this type of insurance is that it does not pay out in the first one to three years.

Step 3

Prepare all applications and provide whatever information is required for the policy. You may be required to provide additional information once your application is submitted to underwriting. Be certain of what the company requires and submit everything at one time. This will save a great deal of time.

Step 4

Get a medical exam if one is required from your insurance company. You should go to your regular doctor because she can provide more insight into your health since she is familiar with your history.

Step 5

Ask your doctor if she would be willing to communicate directly with the underwriting department of your insurance company. Just as with the medical exam, she may be able to provide more insight into your condition and health.

Step 6

Pay the insurance premiums. These will be necessary for the policy to become and remain effective.


Do not lie on your life insurance application. It will invalidate the contract and keep your beneficiaries from receiving any payout.


Shop around. Policies will vary greatly by different companies. It will be worth it for you to see what is available before making your decision.


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