By Betty Jean Steinshouer

ripe red apple with green leaf isolated on whiteAdult weight-loss camps in Texas draw clients from throughout the country and the world. From yoga to high-impact aerobics, a Texas retreat will start you on the process of breaking bad habits and forming healthier routines of exercise and diet. But a crucial part of any weight-loss plan is mind over matter. Making sure that you get counseling to help you deal with emotional eating patterns is just as important as the diet or the drills.


Most serious weight-loss camps in Texas require you to be on site for at least five days. This increases the possibility for success. Try to travel at least a couple of hours from home in order to get free of worries about home or job.

If it isn’t possible to do a total immersion camp, a weight loss “boot camp” may be an option. San Antonio and other locations in Texas have exercise boot camps you can attend two or three times a week or for an hour a day.


Some camps involve rigorous exercise in the Texas Hill Country or daily yoga. Talk to your doctor before signing the contract. If you are 100 lbs. or more overweight, do not embark on an intense weight loss regimen on your own. Your doctor will have very specific advice about your overall health needs, including any types of exercise or food to avoid.


Texas camps such Wellspring near Austin include ongoing weight-loss counseling as part of the package. Wellspring offers retreats just for women. Cooper Fitness Center in Dallas also has a six-week weight loss program for women called Female Focus.

Overnight Camps

The most popular overnight adult weight loss camps in Texas utilize a retreat-type program to focus your whole attention on making life changes. Wellspring Retreat outside of Austin will do a full intake assessment of your physical situation and needs. They will also require you to attend daily therapy sessions for behavior modification. Many days begin with yoga and intensify with training sessions for biking, hiking, gym workouts, swimming, and other physical activity geared toward a daily cardio goal.

Hill Country Health and Fitness Center at Rancho Cortez is another of the best known camps in Texas. While Wellspring’s strength is its therapy program. Rancho Cortez uses 5,000 acres of the great outdoors as its exercise gym, although it also has indoor swimming and exercise facilities for year-round use.

Day Camps

Day camps for weight loss in Texas do not have the day-to-day intensity of the residential programs but they can still be effective, depending on your personal commitment. The Yoga Connection in Plano offers 4-week, 12 session fitness camps that meet once or twice a week for an hour or 90 minutes of fast-paced workouts. San Antonio Adventure Boot Camps utilize personal trainers and a nutrition program to help you set specific goals for body mass index to help you to decrease fat and add muscle.

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