Over time, the morale of any company’s employees can drop, and this leads to lack of motivation to produce, according to HR World. Managers may not know what it takes to improve employee morale, claims Neal Burgis, Ph.D. in his article on the Business Performance website. If possible, ask employees what motivates them, either in a face-to-face meeting or through an anonymous survey. Jane Applegate on Forbes claims that boosting employee morale doesn’t have to cost anything.

Recognition and Rewards

Pay attention to your employees so you can notice when someone does a good job at a task. Let him know you’re aware of a job well done, and when you can give him public recognition, tell others. Acknowledge not only personal accomplishments but birthdays, anniversaries and other positive life changes.

An employee recognition program can provide a methodical way to recognize employees. Include a monthly birthday celebration with a cake, cupcakes or cookies for everyone in the department. Offer rewards certificates on a regular basis to let the people in the department know you’re aware of their contributions to the company.

Offer rewards for jobs that exceed expectations. If possible, have a bonus plan, gift certificate or other form of compensation. You may also consider providing a special parking spot for a month, a framed certificate or some other tangible reward letting the employees know that you appreciate a job well done. A mention in a company newsletter or an emailed announcement to the department are also effective rewards.

Show Respect

Showing respect to every employee, from the managers to those who assist them, can boost employee morale and let people know that you value them and the jobs they are doing. Take an interest in their work and let them know you care about them as individuals. Refrain from putting anyone down in front of their peers and avoid losing your temper even when you are in a one-on-one meeting.


Get all of the employees involved at some level to give them the feeling that they are part of the company’s success. This includes goal setting, strategic planning and suggestions for improving work methods and working conditions. If you have enough employees, you may consider starting an advisory group of all levels of employees advises HR World.


Include all employees in communication that relates to them, their jobs or company policies. In turn, encourage the employees to communicate with you. Then, listen to what they say about their jobs and have dialogue about their concerns. A sincere interest in your employees will show, and you are likely to have a more positive relationship with them.


The Business Performance website advises giving your employees the tools they need to do their jobs to the best of their ability. Provide the training they need to increase their skills and support them to improve their function. Listen to them and work with them on finding a way to get the things they need to accomplish their tasks.


When you hire an employee, you look for someone who can accomplish the job that needs to be done. Empower that person by stepping aside and allowing her to do the work. Hovering and micromanaging sends the signal that you don’t trust her. Most employees take pride in their work when they have the power to own it claims Business Performance.

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