We’re taking time this Fall to highlight some of our amazing CSG employees! We’ve asked Jan Cunningham a few questions to get to know her a little better!

What is your title at CSG?   I am a Senior Benefit Consultant. I come from an operations based background.   I was a Claims Examiner for many years – then Claims Director and VP of Operations.   I moved over to the compliance side and find that very interesting.

How long have you been with the company? November will be 3 years!

What is the favorite aspect of your job?  I love the CSG Team, such a great group of people. Next, would be service to our clients.

Where is the furthest you have traveled?  Switzerland

How many states have you lived in or have you lived in another country?  Just Texas.

What is your greatest fear? HIPAA violations 🙂

Motto or personal mantra? “It’ll be alright!”

What is an ability you wish you had? To sing on tune.

Do you volunteer?  Yes – primarily – teaching the baby class every Sunday at church, “walking to age 2”.  I love it!

I am also involved with a foundation my son started withonehope.org. They work in Nicaragua with children and I have been there twice. Here’s a little more information on what we do:

Who We Are
With One Hope is a Christian work effort in Nicaragua dedicated to working alongside communities to fight against poverty and injustice through programs designed to break the poverty cycle, share the good news of the gospel and restore hope.

Who We Serve
We have partnered with multiple organizations and sponsors to serve the people of Nicaragua. Our focus is school-aged children in areas or homes with the greatest need. Since October 2009 our projects have provided support to more than 2,000 children.

The Reason Why
The Christian message is at the heart of all we do and believe. We believe that God loves each of us unconditionally and equally, that God loves both legal and social justice, and that he calls us to serve those that are oppressed and in need.