When was the last time you did absolutely nothing and it worked in your favor? As a population, we’ve become dependent on technology to take care of routine tasks for us and I think that makes us just a little bit lazy.

We have companies where we owe money that automatically draw the monthly payment out of our bank without us having to write a check. We have cars that can guide us to our destination without us having to look at a map, pump the brakes if we get into a skid, and even parallel park by themselves. And we have appliances that can now order our groceries when we’re out of that item. Ain’t technology great?!

There’s one emerging technology, however, that’s really making a difference in people’s lives. An article on the website Workforce titled, “Millennials’ Latest Label as Do-Nothings a Good Thing Financially,” discusses the benefit of “automatic enrollment” that employers are rolling out. When employees first enter the workforce, and even some that have been there for a few years, they mention that a 401(k) or retirement plan is a good thing to have, yet few actually contribute to it. Or, if they do contribute, it’s often not enough. Obviously, this can have dire consequences down the road.

Having an employee, whether new or existing, be enrolled automatically in a company retirement plan is an excellent way for the employee to do nothing while gaining a major benefit. Even better is when these plans increase the contribution rate each year (up to a maximum) that an employee stays on that plan. However, employers should also add financial and retirement education to this so that employees are fully aware of the benefit and how to take the maximum advantage of it.